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Business Focus Magazine

Business Focus Magazine is a leading, monthly business to business publication that keeps up with the latest developments in the business world by talking to the people that make them happen.
Produced in Europe and with a global outlook, Business Focus Magazine covers a multitude of sectors looking at everything from investment and market trends to skills development and the latest technical innovations. We provide insights into the daily operations of leading businesses and organisations around the world.

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Business Focus Construction

Talking to the people who are building the future of the global economy, Business Focus Construction is a bi-monthly magazine that covers every aspect of the construction industry, from land acquisition and property management to planning and constructing the buildings themselves. The magazine offers in depth profiles of the latest deluxe business and leisure projects and the most essential infrastructure construction and renovation.
If you build it, we will come.

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Business Focus Energy

Increasingly the energy sector is becoming the most critical part of the economy for the way we live and the environment as a whole. Business Focus Energy is the magazine that talks to leaders in every area of the energy sector, whether they are in power generation, retention or efficiency solutions. Every bi-monthly issue will include profiles of leading businesses and thinkers in the field, discussing the challenges and opportunities this vital industry offers.

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Business Focus Manufacturing

The magazine for people who make things. Business Focus Manufacturing is the bi-monthly publication that covers the doers, innovators, and investors that keep one of the most exciting and essential industry sectors going. With articles that cover every sector from food packaging and high-tech goods to aircraft engines, we offer informative and insightful profiles fuelled by discussions with the leaders in the field.

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Business Focus Supply Chain

Every business, no matter the sector, is built upon the foundation of its supply chain. Whether it relies on raw materials or specialised equipment, the logistics of acquiring the things a business needs, and the relationships that allow that, are the lifeblood of the global economy. Business Focus Supply Chain talks to the leaders in the sector to inform you about the risks, the latest developments and the future of your supply chain.

The way that Business Focus Magazine captured the feeling, what we wanted to get into the story was fantastic. Had a pleasure to work with real professionals from the magazine – very efficient and not time consuming to my side. Interview was very short and I was amazed how well the text was then formed to a story with right pictures.

Tero Karstikko Vice President, Pyroll Converting
Tero Karstikko